Tell her I bring the horoscope myself

Under the influence of outpouring         
      (what’s left of not yet)

A Ms. repeating a line out loud

under a spell of clouding red

sucking         stutters          soft         swellings

spitting          stumbles       slow        swirlings

sloping   moist of   wovels  swaying:

Swallow like ‘e best of ‘em, baby,


                     Chew on it

                     and spill it out

                     Something to lose

                     will suddenly fit                                                               

                     (what a waist)


An eye adding an I, leaking

an E, forcing a rhyme, and

this poor Ms! Taking a land

for a line of  her’s written

There’s a width

and there’s a without

and there’s the weight of it                          

What is it? There’s a precious diameter

and there are slippery numbers    

Just shake da dice shaky

and roll with it           There’s

a riddle to rid

   one self of

What forces?

A Ms. translating

an english secret

a Ms. reading

what’s your sign

a Ms. interpreting

What forces?

all in one spread:

She will show you fear in a shuffling hand

Tell her Ms. fortune teller! Tell her!

Why caretakers and carry ons clings

close to the ground in her garden

- Mira Langeland, 2012 / Tilbake